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Situated within the elegance and comfort of northern Scottsdale, the Troon North community has gained a reputation for offering residents an outstanding living experience. Filled with exciting recreational opportunities and world-class cuisine and leisure, Troon North is the perfect location for those who enjoy luxury and tranquility. Homes for sale in Troon North are guaranteed to provide a compelling respite from the bustle of downtown Scottsdale while still ensuring that residents remain in touch with the pulse of the city. Buying a home in Troon North is highly recommended for those who are ready to invest in an outstanding domestic residential experience.

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As could be expected in a premier residential community such as this, a variety of dining opportunities await those who live here. The Troon North Golf Club, widely considered to be one of the most significant attractions in the community, hosts an onsite restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis. This eclectic American faire is complemented by a diverse collection of restaurants, cafes and eateries located throughout the community at large. No matter what your particular preferences or interests may be, it is almost guaranteed that you will find something compelling for your next meal in Troon North. The abundance of both fine dining and casual, informal meal options allows for dinner dates, relaxing lunches, and just about everything in between.


As stated previously, the Troon North Golf Club is, without a doubt, one of the primary attractions for residents and visitors alike within this community. In addition to the restaurants described above, the Golf Club hosts two 18-hole golf courses. Thanks to a semi-private policy, residents can enjoy this fabulous sport with out-of-town friends and visitors when the opportunity arises. A number of beautiful nature trails are also located in and around the community, including the popular Brown’s Ranch Trailhead, Doc Cavalliere Park and the Troon North Community Park, among others. Of particular interest is the Pinnacle Peak Park, which is known for its outstanding view of the nearby valley. Many of these trails incorporate trails that are suitable for active hikers as well as casual walkers.


The Troon North Golf Club maintains an active event calendar which helps ensure that residents can stay fully informed on the fun lineup of activities taking place here. The close proximity of Troon North to the cultural heart of Scottsdale also allows residents to quickly reach gallery showing, movie screenings, plays, concerts, and just about everything else imaginable. A high quality lifestyle is of immense importance to residents here, which is precisely why such effort has been made to ensure that homeowners in Troon North truly have the best that Scottsdale has to offer at their disposal. This, of course, is just one of many reasons why homes for sale in Troon North are incredibly popular and in high demand. We hope you have the opportunity to explore all that this unique community has to offer!

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