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One of the largest and most developed planned communities in the state of Arizona, McCormick Ranch offers residents a breathtaking array of amenities, entertainment, luxury and natural beauty. Home to the popular McCormick Ranch Golf Club and the Scottsdale Resort, McCormick Ranch is perfectly tailored for residents who enjoy the finer things in life and wish to indulge in a relaxing and recreational environment far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Homes for sale in McCormick Ranch can provide young families, working professionals and retired adults alike with an attractive getaway that is guaranteed to please. If you are ready to purchase a home for sale in McCormick, we have absolutely no doubt that you will find these properties to be the perfect complement to your lifestyle.

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Thanks to its size and relative popularity, McCormick Ranch provides residents and visitors alike with a kaleidoscopic collection of dining opportunities. Whether you are interested in a casual cafe experience, fine dining at a world-class restaurant, or just about anything in between, McCormick Ranch can accommodate your preferences. The Scottsdale Resort offers a classic, leisurely dining experience for those who may be interested in exploring this institutions numerous amenities.


Thanks to its affluent demographic, McCormick Ranch hosts a vibrant, thriving retail sector. Featuring both quaint, local boutiques as well as larger national chains, McCormick Ranch should be considered a prime destination for those who have a passion for shopping and relish a day out on the town. The Mercado Del Lago Mall is one of several shopping centers here which caters to residents in the area.


Parents can benefit from a comprehensive K-12 public school system located throughout the community. There are two high schools currently located within McCormick Ranch, as well as a number of elementary and middle schools. The McCormick Ranch public library is also a popular destination for residents who enjoy cultural enrichment outside of the classroom. Thanks to its close proximity to the greater Scottsdale community, residents of McCormick Ranch can also access the various cultural institutions located through this region, as well as the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area.


Baseball lovers will likely recognize McCormick Ranch as the spring training destination for both the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Golf is also a popular sporting event here, thanks in large part to the presence of the beautiful golf course located on the grounds of the Scottsdale Resort.

Professional Connections

Location and accessibility are two critical factors which often prove to be key influencers for working professionals deciding where they are going to live. Thanks to its nearness to major highways in and out of the greater Scottsdale and Phoenix metropolitan areas, those who have a passion for their career can continue to pursue their ambitions while simultaneously enjoying all of the luxuries and pleasures that McCormick Ranch offers.

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