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We find that as agents, focusing on the plan and strategy to market and promote a home to buyers and their agents from all over the state and country will give your home the greatest chance of selling for the most money in the least amount of time.  We understand the appeal of hiring a so-called “neighborhood expert”, but unless your expectation as a seller is to find the next buyer for your home from within your currently community, the geographical specialization a neighborhood expert offers may not in itself get your home sold as you would expect.  These days, with the internet available to every buyer, seller and agent, everyone is able to be an expert in any area they would like in just about 20 minutes or less.

Many sellers think that a…

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If you’re looking to purchase a home within the next 6 months or even a year there are certain steps that we’ve come to identify as agents that will help to ensure a smoother and more stress-free transaction. 

To start out, buyers should begin by finding both a real estate agent and a mortgage lender who they feel confident in and comfortable with.  In both cases you will want to find the specific person who will be assisting you and get on a first name basis with him or her from the beginning.  This means that if someone was to ask you, “who is your agent?” or “who is your lender?”, the answer should be “Joe”, “Sally” or some other individual’s name, not the name of a real estate company or bank that the individual works for.  The service and…

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