October 2016

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If you've ever contacted a real estate agent who at some point asked you to sign an exclusive employment agreement, also known as a Buyer Broker Agreement with them and you were apprehensive about it or just told that agent "no", then the following paragraphs may be of interest to you.

When we ask a buyer to sign one of these agreements and they seem hesitant, it's usually the result of one of a few reasons.  First, and probably most commonly is the reason that the buyer doesn't want to make a commitment to that agent or any agent simply because it makes that particular buyer feel uncomfortable.  Commitment to a lot of things (and people) in life can be difficult so we understand this hesitation.  It's for this reason as well that we let buyers know

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What makes real estate such a great investment?  In one word, leverage.  The opportunity for anyone to purchase an asset worth six figures for as little as $0 cannot be found in any other form of investment that we're aware of.  You don't need past experience buying or selling real estate or a business plan to get pre-approved for financing to purchase your first, second or 10th home.  All you need is decent credit, a reliable income and minimal debts relative to your income.  For anyone who is lacking in any of those areas, there's always the possibility of having a co-signer on your loan.

What are the financial benefits of purchasing and owning your own home?  Let's say you were to purchase a $200,000 home and own it for 10 years and the real estate

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